Just find your answers below:

  1. Just click on  the Menu bar where you have Admissions, then Click on Apply Now from the drop down menu.
  2. Fill the Form Correctly and the submit
  3. Print Out your Acknowledgement Page
  4. Below the Acknowledgement, there is an instruction on what to do before the examination
  5. Proceed to pay for the examination
  6. Check on the site to see the date for Entrance Examination

Making Payment Can be done in various ways

1. College Pay (New Students/Candidates):  Click on Admissions, then select ‘Make Payment(New Students)’ from the drop down menu.

2. College Pay(Old Students): Click on Make Payment on the Home page of this site or select ‘Make Payment’ from the Academic Menu.

3. Pay Direct: You can pay through First Bank Paydirect platform.

4. Cash Payment: Walk up to the bank (Zenith or First bank) and request the account number of St. Columbanus Secondary School, Ikwen, and then deposit the money

The school is fully boarding school, that is all the students are living in the campus.

Click here  CHECK RESULT

then input your Student ID, this is a number given to you in the school, it looks like this STC1000001

Then Input PIN of the scratch card given to you from the school

Then input the Serial number of that Card as well.

Then Submit, it will take you to Student Dashboard.

For Mid Term Result, select “Mid-Term Result”

For End of Term Result, Select “End of Term Result

The set the appropriate Class of Students, the Term and the Session you want to check the result and then proceed


The school is both boys and girls

It is affordable but you can click the contact to make further inquiries about the school

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