School Programs

/School Programs


First Term 2023

Resumption for Returning Students:                           16th September 2023

Resumption for New Students:                                      23rd September 2023

Visiting Days:                                                                         28th October 2023

                                                                                                     25th November 2023

Mid Term Break                                                                   28th October to 4th November 2023

PTA Meeting                                                                           28th October 203

Feast of St. Columbanus                                                    23rd November 2023

Career Day:                                                                             25th November 2023

Closing Date:                                                                          8th December 2023

Second Term 2023/2024

Resumption:                 13th January 2024

Visiting Days:               17th February 2024

                                           16th March 2024

Mid Term Break          17th Feb to – 24th Feb 2024

PTA Meeting                 17th Feb 2024

Entrance Examination for 2024/2025 Admission

                                           24th February 2024

Supplementary Online Examination for Out-of-State Candidates = 18th May 2024                                          

Ash Wednesday           14th February 2024

Closing Date:                22nd March 2024

Palm Sunday                 24th March 2024

Easter Triduum:          29th to 31st March 2024

Easter Sunday:             31st March 2024

Easter Break:               Easter Monday 1st April 2024

Third Term 2023/2024

Resumption:                 27th April 2024

Visiting Days:               18th May 2024

                                      15th  June 2024

Mid Term Break          15th to 22nd  June 2024

PTA Meeting                 15th June 2024

Ascension Thursday  9th  May 2024

Pentecost Sunday       19th  May 2024

Closing Date:                19th July 2024

First Term 2024/2025

Resumption for Returning Students:                           22nd  September 2024

Resumption for New Students:                                    29th September 2024

Visiting Days:                                                              26th October 2024

                                                                                     23rd November 2024

Feast of All Saints                                                       1st November 2024

Mid Term Break                                                          26th October to 2nd  November 2024

PTA Meeting                                                               26th October 2024

Feast of St. Columbanus                                              23rd November 2024

Graduation Ceremony:                                                 23rd  November 2024

Christmas Party                                                            12th December 2024

Closing Date:                                                                13th December 2024