The unique realities of SCOSSI

  • We are coeducational and, training Boys and Girls together has proved a rewarding experience.
  • We are a happy family and we promote family life on campus
  • We encourage and sustain hard work and responsibility in our school
  • We ensure and prize our high academic standard and integrity
  • We have adequate learning and recreational facilities
  • We offer all-round formation in academic, Spiritual, Moral, Curricular and extracurricular matters.
  • We also offer co-curricular opportunities in Sport, Culture, Theatre, Music, Clubs etc.
  • We have full Boarding facilities to enhance maximum educational focus for our students.
  • Boarding is compulsory.
  • We have gotten all our students covered all year round under the SALUS TRUST Health Insurance Scheme.
  • We offer scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students.
  • We emphasize all-round discipline as a treasured identity
  • We offer full time Adult Supervision by Clerical, Religious and Lay staff.
  • We have international linkage which ensures, among other things, exchange opportunities for our students and staff to study/teach in our Sister-school, Bishop McGuiness High School in North Carolina U.S.A.


St. Columbanus Secondary School is situated in a very conducive learning environment in Obot Akara LGA of Akwa Ibom State. It is located in Ikwen, a friendly and peace-loving community along Nto Ndang/Nto Edino Road.

The school has full boarding facilities to facilitate its compulsory Boarding policy. SCOSSI has functional laboratories/Computers, Library, Ultra Modern Chapel, Constant water and Electricity supply as well as Modern Recreational Facilities . SCOSSI is all fenced around to ensure maximum security.
Our Assets.
We are prized and distinguished amongst peers for our high academic standard, discipline and Spirituality.
It is about the only Catholic Mission School in the State and in the immediate neighborhood which has successfully explored the gains of coeducation & training both boys and girls together.
Our Mission.
We are committed to ensuring the best educational up-bringing for our young ones through effective teaching, creation of opportunities for high standard of learning, enforcement of good morals, discipline and spiritual formation by experienced clerical, religious and lay staff.
Our Curriculum.
in line with the recent National Council of Education Policy, the school runs an Upper Basic Education Curriculum (JSS 1 – 3), which will ensure continuity and flow of themes, topics and experiences from Junior School to Senior Secondary School level (SS 1 – 3). In addition to the basic Secondary School subjects, we also offer French, Latin, Etiquette and Further Mathematics. There is also a wide range of extracurricular activities available to our students.


  • That our school satisfy the genuine educational needs of parents for their children.
  • That the Good News of Jesus Christ be preached through qualitative education and information.
  • That our students be well prepared to give the needed direction/leadership to tomorrow’s society.


Admission is open to candidates who have completed the Middle basic Education (Primary 6). The prospective candidates take the DEC Common Entrance Examination Usually Conducted in the second term prior to the new school session. Successful candidates will be invited for screening  interview. In case of transferred students from a recognized school, apart from having to pass our school Placement Examination, Result Sheets, Transfer Certificate and Transcripts shall be required before admission. All successful candidates shall present, on admission, Medical Certificate of fitness, 2 passport photos and proof of Christian Religious affiliation.

Terminal examinations as well as Continuous Assessment usually form the basis of evaluating student academic performance of promotion to a new class. The following are considered in the continuous Assessment.

  • Written test
  • Assignment/Homework
  • Class work (including laboratory practical)
  • Attendance in class.

Our “Operation No Failure”  Campaign (ONF) demands that any failed Test or Examination be remedied and retaken until a pass grade is made. It is mandatory that each student takes part in all examinations and continues assessment tests as failure in the Third Term means withdrawal. There is no room for repetition in SCOSSI. Students who fail will be advised to withdraw from the school. No form of exam Malpractice is tolerated in SCOSSI! Generally, the school meticulously prepares her students for internal and external examinations, which include Junior School Certificate (State BECE and NECO) and May/June Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC) and NECO. The standard of Education is very high and this has consistently fetched the school a commendable near 100% in all internal and external examinations.


Given the importance of books as the major tools for learning, the school undertakes the supply of basic books for selected subjects at an affordable price. With a deposit of Thirty Thousand naira, (N30,000) a student will be given the necessary Text and Exercise Books on the resumption day to cover the following subjects:

JSS1 to 3

  • Intensive English
  • New General Mathematics
  • Integrated Science text and Workbook
  • Practical Agriculture
  • Business Studies
  • Literature
  • Dictionary
  • Holy Bible
  • French
  • SCOSSI Exercise books (Corresponding to the number of Subjects Offered)
  • Liturgical books
  • Mathematical set
  • Computer
  • Introductory Technology
  • Fine Arts
  • CRK
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Civic Education
  • Basic Physics
  • Basic Biology
  • Basic Chemistry

SS 1 to 3

  • Intensive English
  • New General Mathematics
  • Biology (modern)
  • New School Physics (As Applicable)
  • New School Chemistry (As Applicable)
  • Literature Texts
  • Holy Bible
  • Liturgical books
  • Mathematical set
  • SCOSSI Exercise books (Corresponding to the number of subjects offered)
  • Agriculture (As Applicable)
  • Economics (As Applicable)
  • Commerce (As Applicable)
  • Further Mathematics
  • Civic Education
  • Financial Accounting
  • CRE
  • Trade
  • Office management
  • Woodwork
  • Marketing

Our fees are reasonable and affordable. This is a Mission School and we are out to offer service. School fees for all classes from JSS1 to SS3 are the same. Check your admission letter for details for new students.

Boarding fees is stated in the admission letter. Check for more details. To enforce security in the dormitory and class rooms, the school will provide dormitory and class lockers centrally for all new students on payment.

Our Students’ food is good. We strive to give them our best to ensure concentration in school and healthy living. Provisions are not allowed. The school serves Snacks to the students on daily basis.


  • Two white pillow cases
  • Two white bed sheets
  • One School Bag
  • One Vono bed mattress (6 Spring)
  • One Dormitory Locker
  • One Class Locker
  • One weeding hoe
  • A bundle of broom
  • One Matchet
  • One Church Hymnary
  • One Pillow


  • 2 pairs of white short for students
  • 2 white Short-sleeved shirts
  • 2 Short-sleeved sky blue shirts
  • 2 pairs of navy blue shorts for JSS1 – SS2
  • 2 pairs of navy blue trousers for SS3 – only
  • 2 white long-sleeved shirts for JSS1 – SS3
  • 2 pairs of white trousers for JS1 – SS3
  • A pair of white trousers for JS1 – SS£
  • A pair of white Canvas shoes
  • A set of Sunday/Outing wear (Outer/Inner Suit; Covered Shoes, Shirts, Ties and Socks)
  • School Pullover
  • School Belt
  • School Socks


  • 2 sky-blue round neck box pleated gown
  • 2 pairs of white shirt-neck box pleated gown
  • 1 pair of white Canvas shoes
  • A set of Sunday/Outing wear (Outing/Inner Suit; Covered Shoes, Shirts, Ties; Socks and Dressing Hat)
  • School Belt
  • 1 yellow Beret
  • A pair of yellow pullover
  • School Belt
  • A pair of yellow socks


  • Textbooks (as approved by the school)
  • Customized Exercise books
  • Mathematical set
  • Assessment booklet
  • Class room locker


  • A set of cutlery
  • Eating Utensils (plates and Cup)


  • One blanket
  • One towel
  • A pair of bathroom slippers
  • Soap dish/sponge
  • Toilet and laundry soap
  • One Box Iron (electron iron can also be provided by parents but they are to be kept with the school for student use only when necessary)
  • Mosquito net
  • Comb and mirror
  • One bucket
  • One bush lam/Rechargeable torch light
  • One wrapper
  • 3 pad locks( For Box and two lockers)
  • One Travelling Bag
  • One Box
  • A dozen of hangers


  • 2 pyjamas
  • 2 white singlets
  • 5 sleeveless underwears
  •  5 white pants
  • 2 pairs of polishable brown
  • 2 plain white or blue T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of navy blue or white soccer pants
  • 6 hand kerchiefs
  • A dozen of hangers


  • One wrapper
  • 5 white pants
  • 2 white night gowns
  • 2 black underskirts/white petit-coat
  • 2 pairs of polishable brown sandals
  • 2 plain white or blue T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of navy blue soccer pant/shirt
  • 6 Handkerchiefs



  • A Drawing Board
  • A calculator
  • Blue Pens
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Any additional Text Books useful to the academic situation of the child


To ensure uniformity, the school supplies these initial items of uniforms on payment. Details are in the admission letter.

Our teachers are qualified professionals in their areas of specialization.

Apart from the Many pious societies in school, which help the spiritual life of our students, in SCOSSI, you can gain a lot by becoming a member of any of the following educational clubs:

  • Debaters club
  • Language club
  • Young farmers club
  • Mathematics club
  • Science club
  • Arts club
  • Boys Scout/Girls’ Scout
  • Dramatic Club