Principal Speech

/Principal Speech



St. Columbanus Secondary School Ikwen is one school family that has a lot to be thankful for. In response to all that we have been blessed with, we have been/are/will continue to be determined to raise the bar of qualitative education. We thank God for His grace and we continue to appreciate the support of all even as we pledge to break new positive grounds in academic.

Since after the take-over of St. Columbanus by the Catholic Diocese of Ikot Ekpene, the ‘rebuilding’ of the ‘rebranded’ SCOSSI has been gradual but stable. The most helpful thing is that from Day one, in line with the Catholic policy on education, but more specifically as a uniquely customized tradition in St. Columbanus, even the ‘rebuilding’ had to reflect an ‘All-round formation’ agenda. Thanks to the support and understanding of our dear Proprietor Most Rev. Dr. Camillus R. Umoh, the DEC, Parents, Staff, Students, Benefactors and Benefactresses, we are where we are: a commendable height that is verifiable.

With a passion that powers excellence, and, supporting our all-round formation on the four unique cardinal points of ACADEMIC, DISCIPLINE, MORALS and SPIRITUALITY, our pace has set standards for many educational institutions today. We have many fruits and dividends of this all-round formation to proudly show. To God’s glory and our fulfilment, St. Columbanus has done very well but we are not done yet!
We mean to raise the bar of qualitative education. It is about commitment and we have it in SCOSSI. Our graduands are all-round and balanced because of the formation they receive here. In class and out of class, they prove not only to be educated but formed. Even as I write, our formation team has discovered yet another promising ‘package’ to boost the already very rewarding formation style. This will be unfolded soon. You may not access this and many other relevant all-round formation packages outside. Feel invited and welcome on board! ‘You need to be in the game to win’

I thank you Parents, Alumni, Benefactors, Benefactress and well-wishers. I cannot forget my staff and especially my dear students. I love you all for reflecting the gains of all round formation. It is in you and because of you that SCOSSI has remained the true gate to sustainable wisdom. Remember, we could still do better, we need to do better and we want to do better. As Principal, on behalf of all SCOSSI family members, I pledge continued responsibility. Therefore, together, let’s raise the bar of knowledge

Rev. Fr. Dr. Emem Umoren